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So, you are interested in owning a vacation rental property. With Carriage House, it's easy as 1, 2, 3.

Do you already own a property or are you looking to buy?

  1. If you are interested in purchasing a property and don’t know where to look, email Sydney to schedule a phone consult. Different areas are more short-term rental friendly than others. You can look under our “Rules and Regs” tab for a brief synopsis of different zoning ordinances. For many buyers, personal enjoyment is also a factor. Sydney can help guide you on how to go about acquiring the perfect rental property.

  2. Already own a property and want to know if it could be a good rental? Contact Jamie to start the conversation. If numbers aren’t where you want, then Sydney can help you sell and roll that money into a property more short-term rental friendly.

I have found the right property, now what?

  1. Jamie and our design partners will provide a consult with budget to set expectations.

  2. Once a contract is signed, we’ll take care of outfitting the property and getting it rental ready.

  3. Photos, listing, and web design (if applicable) will be provided for your approval.

Sit back and let us take care of everything while the money rolls in.

  1. We provide full-service management which includes dynamic pricing, advertising, cleaning, guest communication, and maintenance.


How much does an investment property cost?

 It varies! We’ve helped clients purchase from $150k- 1 mil. It all depends on return on investment and how much work you are willing to put it in to get a property rental ready.

 As always when purchasing a property your agent is compensated by the listing broker so it shouldn’t cost you anything additional when purchasing a property.

What are your management fees?

Management fees are 20%. A contract will be sent for review to be discussed in detail with a consultation.

I'm interested in purchasing a property, but I want to see the projections for its earning potential. How much does a consultation cost?

The benefit of working with our team is that we can provide ballpark projections at every showing at no cost to you. Once you've identified a home that's the right fit, we can provide an in depth analysis of occupancy, rates, and cash flow for $125.

How much cash do I need to buy a place?

We have lending partners we can recommend to help with financing options.

Our average cost to furnish a rental is $3000/bedroom but can vary widely depending on how much we have to purchase vs what the owner already has. We are very flexible and able to work with all types of budgets.

Is it risky to own a short-term investment property?

We have insurance partners and attorneys we can recommend to advise you on any concerns you have.

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